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When You Left With the Ocean
you were an island's coastline
I was a dream of seashells
we were a fairytale in aquamarine
you set a star to watch us
I said the night was hopeless
you said the constellations disagree
I spent a moment with you
ten years or a breath you sleep through
and now I'm debating with the memories
which ones I had since before I met you
I was a falling siren
you were the angel of the coast guard
and now your silhouette haunts the search lights
and even in this half-false journal
I don't see how I'll ever explain this
our story could've had any ending
just tell me you didn't wish us this one
and in our faded conscience
which of us do you trust with distance
and when the island shudders
which of us feels the final instant?
you were a scion's favorite son
I was always the other one
we were a tragedy in blood hues
you thought the air was precious
I said they'd never trust us
and now I'm standing where you would have been
and this is how we might have won
days in refuge 'til the night's begun
I had a dozen chapters limned in vellum
a ship of skies on a starlit ghost run
and at the end of the last one
they always lose us in a storm in autumn
it was a whispered prayer
but I swear we could have been there
you were an island's coastline
I was the map of the fault line
we should have never made a home here
you were a scion's favorite son
I was the daughter of a nun
and now their vows are all we're left with
and even in this half-false journal
I don't see how you'll ever explain this
I've got your promise on paper
I printed it while waiting for the lawyers
and even with our second-guessed judgment
I would have trusted us with any horizon
but this beach became a desert hole
when you left with the ocean
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