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Dear Molly Ringwald
I know you are staring at the redhead
on the screen, wishing it was a mirror
in the quiet of your silent room
where the clatter of projectors has no power
to crack your dreams so thin with its lies so bright
Caroline, they are cheering for your laughter
and though it makes you think you're happy
I see what it does to you behind your smile
in my dreams you can understand and fight
but every morning I find you can't even sleep alone
Caroline, I know you want the boy
but boys are the last thing you need
your bed is warm and comfortable
"Pretty in pink" was not a compliment
so I won't say it, though it's true
so you're writting letters to Molly Ringwald
well here comes my letter to you
somebody must break everything that is wrong
but I've never seen an angel swing an axe
voices can be weapons. Tear down the walls
don't say "dance in the aisles"
save your voice to scream
angels don't scream because angels don't get angry
you will never break anything in Heaven
let your anger keep you human
they will try to build again everything that you destroy
so be a sentient weapon
but Caroline, you don't understand
and I see it in your eyes and hair that you never will
you impale yourself on every outstretched hand
and I can't get close enough to help you
I would be your saviour
but you can't be saved by just another night
world forgive me, I am destroying what might have been so beautiful
so you can never make it ugly again
Caroline, I am killing you now in your memory
with the sharp wooden neck of my electric guitar
rammed through your aching battered heart
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